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Black dermatologists

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African American Dermatologist
Erase My Dark Spots Fade Gel
Excellent Yes

If you have dark spots or discolored on your skin you should run to this product. Blackskin.com's Dark spot kit combines glycolic acid and Skin Lightening complex 25 to form an effective, concentrated skin cream to fade dark spots. We found customer service to be excellent and shipping was prompt. Our order was shipped...

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Z. Bigatti Good Yes

Z.Bigatti is good for uneven skin tone. The product improved luminosity and skin uniformity by restoring and protecting essential moisture. This is a good product for people who have lines and on there face. Black dont crack but sometimes it droops this a nice product to treat anti aging in black skin. Its alittle pricey. This is an excellent balance between effectiveness...

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Carol's Daughter Good Yes

Carol's Daughter has a good product for ultra dry skin its there essentual serum its smell nice goes far at soothing dry skin areas. Its not to grease but is silky enough to get the job done. The reason its number to is because its so small at...

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